First post! Hi everyone! :D

My name’s John, and welcome to my blog!

This is my first blog, and I’m hoping to stick with it for quite some time, as I’ve always been interested in blogging. I would normally start off with an introduction of myself, but I’m going to reserve that for my second post due to my unfamiliarity of this blog site formatting (Hopefully I can upload pictures and other media directly to my blog. That’d be a real convenience :u).

Content wise, I plan on a variety of things, really. Some main things are things about my personal life and, well, video games. Being something I feel passionately for, I’ll be posting various things about video games along side of events in my personal life. Count on me getting distracted often, so the occasional Youtube video or unrelated thing might pop its head into my blog. As for updating intervals, I’m unsure for now. I’m thinking at least 3 times a week, but I’ll see how things go.)

I’m off to learn how this site works, so I’ll post back here soon!


One response to “First post! Hi everyone! :D

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