Decent Day for A Second Post

Well, everyone, I thought I’d take today’s post and try to shed some light on myself, even though I’m sure the majority of people who’ll read already know me. But before that: a brief summary of my day so far.

Today I hung out with my brother, James, who’s in town to be an extra in Gerard Butler’s new movie, “Olympus Has Fallen.” Being as competitive as we are, we tried kicking each other’s ass in a handful of things today, like:

  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Basketball (I lost horribly)
  • Archery (He lost horribly)

Even though we don’t get along so well at times, we still had some fun before he went to go film. I’m trying to spend some time with him before he goes back to his place in Missouri next week (or the week after, iunno). Other than that, I just cleaned up the house a little. Surprised I didn’t go through “Not-on-my-computer-” syndrome. Anywho, let’s get to a bit of some details about me, for the sake of being on topic (even though we started off-topic BUT WHATEVER). I guess I’ll just start rambling and hope it strings together.

So, my name’s Johnathan Frey, although I prefer John. I’m a college freshman at LSUS, with classes starting in about 2 weeks. Yeeeesh. My main hobby is gaming, but I also fence and, every once in a while, do some crafting/construction. Seeing as this blog is half-me, half-video gaming, you can see that gaming is a huge part of my life, which would hopefully justify me being a complete shut-in at times. Although I sit in front of my monitors all day, my so-called social life is actually not too horrible. I have a close cluster of friends I regularly talk with (who you’ll be hearing about it later posts for sure) and a girlfriend of over  3 and a half years (who you’ll definitely be hearing more about, because it just kinda happens). Coupled with a ton of other friends from my old high school, I can manage to scrape together a poor excuse for a social life. I drive a beat-up 98 Plymouth Breeze, who I affectionately call Charlotte, and work at a country club.

Whooo boy, here comes the vidya, guys. First of all, my personal favorite games or game series:

  • Metroid Series
  • Monster Hunter Series
  • Dark Cloud Series
  • Fire Emblem Series (1,6,7,8,9,10)
  • Final Fantasy 6, 10, 12, Crystal Chronicles, Dissidia 012
  • Custom Robo
  • Lost Planet Series
  • Valkyria chronicles
  • Pokemon Series
  • Disgaea Series
  • So many more I can’t think of them

Also, I don’t usually play MMOs, but here are a few I can speak positively for:

  • TERA Online
  • Dragon Nest
  • Mabinogi

I guess I have a fetish for Korean MMOs :u There are so many games I just love I can’t list them all, but don’t worry, a huge fucking list will rear its ugly head up on this blog sometime in the future.

Maybe this intro was kinda shitty, but, hey, fuck you too. In all honesty, I couldn’t think of any “questions” to answer, so maybe sometime I can get some people to scrounge up a list of questions and I can just answer em? Iunno. Video games and stuff. 2nd post. Woo! Next post (hopefully) tomorrow after work!


One response to “Decent Day for A Second Post

  1. Hey bro, just read your bog. Good stuff. I know i havent seen you in forever but as soon as we seen each other it was like i never left. We have been through alot man and its safe to say your a best friend and a brother. Were polar opposites in a bunch of ways but we also have alot of common interests. Keep doing well in life bro. Love ya

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