Busy Weekend

Yeesh, I’m drained. I worked 2-9:30ish Saturday, then stayed up to about 2a.m., then woke up at 6a.m. to work a 7-2 shift, THEN came back home to go out to eat at Sam’s Southern Eatery almost right after I got home, THEN watched the Bourne Legacy, and now I’m FINALLY home. Needless to say, It feels good to just relax. The Philly Chicken sandwich from Sam’s was divine, and the movie, while not being of divinity, was pretty good. Speaking of that, Imma keep this spoiler-free and just say that the movie was (to me) a decent action movie that really hit home because it was partially filmed in the Philippines, which was kind of cool seeing that I’m half-Philippino. Overall, good movie. Go watch it.

So yesterday, my brother played Skyrim for the first time. Normally, he doesn’t like to stick with an RPG for that long, but my brother got hooked instantly with the sheer depth of shit you could do. James had his faced glued to the screen, setting shit on fire and making pin cushions out of everything he could see. I watched him for the majority of the time, but I went to sleep early due to working in the immediate 4 hours. Still, it was kinda fun watching him run around and just do whatever he thought of doing first. The only bad thing about it was realizing my save file for my character was gone. I’m not too upset, but still, fffffffffffffffffffffuck.

Also, I’ve been giving thought to starting a new character on Mabinogi. Being one of my favorite games I’ve played (although it could be under better management COUGHNEXONCOUGH), I thought it’d be nice to start fresh and go back to my nub days. There’s a bad side to this though, but it’s a story I’ll go into next time because it actually has a pretty heavy personal vibe to it. Either way, I’d be nice to have someone start up with me, but, as usual, I’m not counting on it. I’m cursed to play with no friends on every MMO I’ve ever played. It’s not the game choice, because my friends like the games; they just get distracted with other crap, leaving me alone again :C. Oh well.

Well, Imma go find something to burn a little time with, then head in early. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you guys the story behind my story with Mabinogi and maybe start up a new character. Thanks for reading guys and gals!


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