Resident Evil 5

“Hey, Sheva! This is probably a bad time to mention that I’m not wearing my contacts!”

So James and I have been playing through Resident Evil 5 lately and I’ve been thinking of some of the issues surrounding it. Granted, every game has selling points, but each game has their own flaws, so these are just my quick thoughts on the positives and negatives of RE5.

For one, the game has solid singleplayer, with emphasis on co-op, and my personal favorite: splitscreen co-op. The co-op gameplay, while straying away from the original “mostly solo” values of the earlier games, is hella fun, especially splitscreen. Online multiplayer is great, but splitscreen or LAN ihas always seemed more fun to me because you get to hang out with friends while playing games. Combine friends with survival co-op makes for over-the-top dramatics and intense situations, leading to many inside jokes and lung-crushingly hilarious moments.

Another great thing about RE5 is the gameplay. For the most part, it takes most of its controls and game flow from RE4, the first RE to use a 3rd person shooter-esque camera style. Since it was done well in RE4, it translates well into RE5, with a few minor refinements. The core values of this game work well, too. Being a survival horror franchise, James and I found ourselves rationing supplies and planning ahead quite often. Some of the enemies are extrememly tough, so knowing how to approach each one is vital in your survival.

Even in a house of good points, RE5 has many dark beings lurking in its shadows. The main evil in this residence, and the one that most people can agree on, is that it’s not scary. At all. There’s WAY too much action for it to be scary, much less terrifying. I know it’s supposed to be a survival horror genre, and in some ways, it succeeds; however, it’s the survival HORROR genre. The only horror this game has going for it is a few bad jump scares and your partner’s horrendous AI. I was honestly more scared of not knowing if James would die whenever we split up, and he was fine about 90% of the time. The first RE was you being mostly alone, making your way through dark, tight corridors in a mansion full of zombies, not knowing if you’d make it through the next room. It has a psychological impact on you, which gives it a great horror aspect. In RE5, it’s more of a survival-action game. There’s way too many explosions and car chases to be remotely scary.

Resident Evil 5 is a bad addition to the franchise. The gameplay’s theme was alien in nature and the plot felt really 007-esque to me. A villain who wants to take over the world who tries to dispose of the hero(s) with over-the-top dramatics, which makes no sense seeing that he could kill you with his asscheeks. However, it’s a good standalone game; good gameplay with different multiplayer options make for a solid game. If you want my advice on playing this game, I’d say grab a friend and some snacks, crack open the beer and enjoy the mindless zombie killing antics.


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