As said by a friend: "ROCKET ASS ACTIVATE!!!"


I’m gonna be honest guys; I didn’t like Gears of War. It felt really slow and clunky to me, and the graphics are just too dull. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll never play it (co-op is always fun), but it lacked alot for me. It’s not a bad game at all; just not my cup o’ joe. Still, the cover mechanics were kinda fun… Just wish the gameplay was a bit… “speedier”…

     Vanquish is a third person shooter exclusive to the Playstation3 that draws inspiration from Gears of War, but brings a whole new definition of gameplay pacing to the table. There is never a dull moment in this game, and you’ll always be on the move to adapt to a changing battlefield.
     So, what exactly makes Vanquish fast-paced? For one, the hero, Sam Gideon, is equipped with the Augmented Reaction Suit, or ARS, which gives him increased athletic abilities, hip mounted thrusters, and super human reaction times. You’ll be rolling, boosting, jumping, and sliding your way across the combat areas  for defensive positioning, breaching enemy lines, capturing turrets, dodging missles, targeting weakspots, or healing injured allies. Constant repositioning keeps the gameplay in motion and guarantees the eyes of these shitstorms stay closed up as much as possible.
     The ARS also allows Sam to react to dangers in a fraction of a second, which is translated into gameplay as bullet time. The bullet time aspect, while being the near definition of slow, actually compliments the game speed by adding emphasis to the danger you’re reacting to. It also helps “train” you into thinking on your feet by making it function off of your suit’s heat capacity. If your suit overheats, you lose the ability boost or activate the ARS reaction ability, which means that depending on your bullet time too much handicaps you for trying to slip around the game’s principles of speed.
     Vanquish graces the player with very lush and detailed graphics and a great soundtrack that create a fresh, futuristic atmosphere perfect for filling some bots up with shells. Along with kickass gameplay, the only real shortcomings this game has are its story and replayability. The story is next to nonexistant, with no significant character development and little plot progression. The game offers a hard difficulty and challenge mode, but not a lot of other things. I would’ve loved to see a sort if extra mission mode to add a little more replayability and character development.
     Even with its faults, Vanquish is a great game, especially if you liked games like Gears of War, Lost Planet, or even the newer Fallout games. This game left my expectations in the dust, and sped right into my list of favorite third person shooters. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes fast paced action shooters; a must-have PS3 exclusive.

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