Borderlands 2 Skill Builder!

Skill preparation for the paranoid. More time we can spend shooting skag, right?

So, I hope you guys are just as hyped for Borderlands 2 as I am! I absolutely loved the first one, so I preordered my copy of BL2 as soon as possible. I’m mostly excited about the new classes, and the Commando in particular. When it officially releases, I plan on doing a class overview for each character, in no particular order. Hopefully I can stop playing BL2 long enough to write about it lol xD

Anyways, 2K has recently released the official Skill simulator for all playable classes (save the Mechromancer). Click this link right here if you want to plan out your build and get a peek of what skills are available to you, and leave some comments on different builds for classes so we can all help each other be the best we can c:


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