Borderlands 2/ PSP Comments [POLL]

So, guys, I’ll be honest: I haven’t written a review on Borderlands 2… because I was too busy playing Borderlands 2. Whoops.  I would gladly write one, but at the moment I’m swamped with schoolwork, so for now, I’ll give you guys my thought  on it and a few other things that I’ve been thinking about.

For one, the game is just great. Everything that made Borderlands 1 a success is back with most, if not all, problems ironed out.  The new classes are hella fun to play (although I haven’t tried Gunzerker quite yet. I’ll get to it!) and the bazilliondy guns promised by 2K are a crazy good time just waiting to happen. I’m maining a Commando currently, and I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying a revolver as my primary weapon; this has lead to an excess amount of situations where I’ve jumped into danger screaming “I’M CLINT MOTHAFUCKIN’ EASTWOOD!!” which usually ends very poorly for all parties involved in the firefight.

The music is beyond wonderful and the story was actually a lot more fleshed out than the first one. The only downside I can think of off the top of my head is the graphics. Now, I’m not a “omg deez gtafix r so laem” kinda guy, but I don’t see much of a change between BL1 and BL2. I know it’s the style, but a little laziness manages to poke its head through. However, if you’re on a PC, the NVIDIA graphics physics and weapon effects are very well done, if your computer can run them. Even if you can’t, the graphics still have a very artistic touch to them and feel very Pandora-y: perfect for Borderlands 2.

Well that’s everything I can think of for the moment BL2 related. Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting back into making Monster Hunter videos for my channel, but my PSP firmware didn’t match up with my new computer. Remotejoy Lite, half of my recording procedure, had drivers for 32bit Windows, but my new computer runs of 64bit, leaving me in a very shitty predicament. Today I took the initiative to upgrade my PSP from 5:50 Prometheus 4 to the newest 6.66 PRO B10, but my Remotejoy is still being worked on. In the mean time, what Monster Hunter game should I play? I’ve really been itching to play one from the beginning again, as I love the idea of starting fresh and being a nub (as much as possible) again. Sooo.. poll, go!

Thanks for voting, and I’ll keep working on updating my PSP and, hopefully, get Remotejoy Lite working again!


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