Help Star Citizen Reach Its Goal!

Space sims: Commin’ back with a bang

Chris Roberts, developer of legendary space games Wing Commander and Freelancer, along with some other little gems, is gathering funds for his next-gen space simulator, Space Citizen. Taking advantage of the new technology of computers and prevalence of broadband access, Roberts is dead set on reviving the space sim genre and restoring it to its former glory. I’ve played Freelancer with Nathan (we ran a ballin’ mining operation) and really liked it, so I’m eager to help Roberts gather the funding for developing this game.

Apparently, I’m pretty late to this party, as crowd funding end in only 17 days. Ooops. There are multiple packages you can buy with varying rewards for each package, with rewards getting better in accordance with the money spent. With prices ranging from $10 to $10,000, every dollar spent will go straight into developement, so don’t be stingy for devoted devs! Click here to buy your package and help space sims come back with a bang!


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