A Question For the Readers And Some Updates

Hey guys. I’ve been really busy with my personal life due to finals coming up soon, and I try to add to my blog whenever possible. Normally, I don’t mind writing full length articles, but recently I tried my first Top 5 list and it worked out very well for me. It didn’t take long to write, and the content was satisfying from what reader feedback told me. My questions is…

Keep in mind that for now, I will be doing more Top # Lists, as they agree with my busy scheduling better than articles. I’d planned on postponing articles until winter break, but if you, the readers, disagree, I’ll try to write articles instead of lists. They seem kind of unoriginal, anyways, but they’re easy to pump out when time isn’t a luxury.

Also, I’m working on some new banners/headers for my site. At the moment, I’m using my Vanquish banner, but I’m hoping to put up at least 5 more soon, and have them randomly cycle. Opinions?

Thank you so much for feedback and opinions, and expect some content soon! I truly appreciate my readers, as you guy make this blog worth keeping up with. I love you all <3


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