Resident Evil 6 w/ UberNextPlasma! And a micro update!

My good buddy UberNextPlasma put up the first episode of our Resident Evil 6 playthrough today on his channel. Next has never played a Resident Evil game, and I’ve never played RE6, so join us in our daily “adventures”!

We recorded this before Thanksgiving break, and Next went out of state for dem holidayz and decided to upload more videos when he got back. We’ve stopped our co-op playthroughs until after finals, but we’ll be doing more recordings as soon as the educational system releases its death grip on us!

And I’m taking a break today from typing an English paper, so I’m making even MORE site banners for you guys! I’m still not sure if I’m going to put them all into a big collage or just let it be a mystery, but I’ll see how it goes! Thanks for visiting the site and I’ll pump out content as soon as I can!


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