My First… Fan Mail?

Cheeks, my older cousin and faithful reader, has recently sent me a package out of holiday spirit. Oddly enough, this is the sort-of vidya that I received:

Three Tamagatchis. What I consider my first fan mail. I’m excited and mystified at the same time, and I love it.

This is one of the few packages I’ve received in my lifetime that has made me laugh while I opened it. It was definitely a charming surprise and I am LOVING the nostalgic gifts. I’m currently thinking of a vidya gift (and some freakin’ names) to get in return for this delightfully delightful delight, so thanks to Cheeks for the gifts and supporting the site!

Leave a comment for some names for my new pets, or I’ll give them terrible  names and you’ll hate them all! Bwahahaha!


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