C’mon Obelion! You Haven’t Played _____?!

Let’s be real, guys: there’s a TON of great video games out there, and I am but a single man, on the brink of the vidya sea. I get distracted with school, work, life, and other games, so I don’t get to play some games I really would’ve played. Some gamers out there might see some of these games as “definite must-plays” of gaming, and I do understand their reasoning; however, I’ll attempt to justify why I haven’t played it and what I’ve heard about it. I apologize in advance if the quality of this article is kinda really bad. I’ve been a little lazy over the weekend to give myself a chance to unwind after all that freakin’ studying. While I”m on the subject, stay in school don’t do drugs, stranger danger, all that bull.

Breath of Fire Series


I’ll be honest with this one. I never heard of Breath of Fire until I got regular internet access, and by the time that rolled around, I was being absorbed into Monster Hunter and going through the Final Fantasys (Fantasys? Fantasies? Fuck proper nouns). From what I can tell, it looks like a solid RPG with some really bitchin’ music, if I do say so myself. If I did get in to the series, I would try my best to start with the first one, although 2 looks good too. I don’t wanna start with anything past that, or I’d fuck up to much of the story, assuming they’re all connected. Either way, the series is on my to-do list somewhere, and hopefully I’ll get to it one day.

Fatal Frame Series

Fatal Frame 4-wii-2

Why haven’t I played it? I fuckin’ haaaaaaaaate being scared. Actual fears are one thing, and shitting myself every 5 seconds while playing a video game is another. Maybe some people think these games aren’t scary, but fuck it, I never took the chance. From what I’ve heard, the game is very enjoyable gameplay wise, but shit, dem scaries.  Maybe if I had someone to be freaked out with, I’d go balls deep and play it, but for now, I’ll stay away from the series like the plague.

On a side note, y’know that stereotypical loud black woman who sits in the theatres going “AW HELL NAW DON’T GO WITH HIM HE’S THE KILLAAA OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GURL”? I find them absolutely hysterical. I would play scary games more often if I had, like, 4 of them behind me. Just throwing that out there.

Armored Core Series


“Obelion! You’ve NEVER played Armored Core?!” Well, no, I haven’t. Get off mah dick about it or we’ll have to tussle. I’ve played about 20 minutes of AC4 at my uncle’s house, but other than that, I have absolutely no experience with this series.  The customization was awesome and gameplay was, from what I can recall, extremely  enjoyable. I enjoyed playing Armored Core 4 a lot, and let’s be real, I just fucking LOVE mechs in general, so if I do get into this series, that would probably be the one I start off with, unless one of my readers has a suggestion otherwise.

Deus Ex Series


Hooooh boy. Here’s where the shit hits the fan. This is dangerous territory for an admission like this. I have never played a Deus Ex game.  Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War, or Deus Ex Human Revolution: all unplayed. “But why Obe?! WHY DEUS EX?!” I never played it because I honestly never heard of it till about 2011ish, when Deus Ex Human Revolutions was released.  That’s when I noticed that Human Revo was only a prequel in a trilogy. Needless to say, I felt kinda dumb when I realized how esteemed this game is. Such a highly regarded game, and I never heard a word about it till the Internet. I wouldn’t mind playing the game if I was asked to, but for now, I’ll leave it somewhere on the list and get to it when it’s appropriate. For now, I’ll go hang myself.


2 responses to “C’mon Obelion! You Haven’t Played _____?!

  1. Haven’t played Breath of Fire, but I understand it’s an excellent series. Never got into Fatal Frame, having trouble getting into Armored Core, and Deus Ex is a good series, EXCEPT for Invisible War:

    • I laughed. I’ve never heard anyone talk about Invisible War, but I’ve never heard anything negative about Deus Ex/ Deus Ex Human Revo. One day I’ll get off of my ass and play Deus Ex. Maybe I can ask Next to borrow his copy of Human Revo. I’ll probably get into Armored Core first though. Gotta have my mecha fix.

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