Why I Didn’t Like Pokémon Black/White 2 (With Ramblings!)


Talk about a split personality. HaHAHAHAHAHAhoooooooh that was bad.

Many people have argued that Pokemon, as a series, has become very stale and repetitive. I, for one, love the Pokemon methodology. Catching, breeding, training, and battling (competitively in particular) is an enjoyable experience, and I always buy the new entries in the series. When I heard Black/White 2 were going to be sequels, I was a bit skeptical about the idea, but open-minded. I thought to myself, “Hell, if this goes well, I wouldn’t mind seeing more sequels.” Due to being completely broke, being in college and all, I had to wait a couple of weeks to get it, and I picked it up shortly after I bought my new 3DS from probably THE shadiest guy I’ve ever seen.


Where I bought my 3DS. The guy drove up, looked around alot, traded goods, then sped off. I think my 3DS might be hot.

I swung by Gamestop one day during some free time during school and picked up White 2 after a fierce inner conflict over White 2, Kid Icarus, Ocarina of Time 3DS, and Tales of the Abyss 3DS. After I paid for it, I drove back to school and started my file in my now customary methods: a female trainer named “:3”. Now, there IS a story to why I’m always a female named “:3”, but that’s for another day. I picked my crappy Oshawott from my choice of crappy starters, named him Palestine, and set out on my journey in the first Pokemon sequel…

…and I was kinda let down. Now, don’t get me wrong. These games are better in every way to the original Black and White games. Black/White 2 have more content and a continued story line, which really hasn’t been done like these games have done. Off of the top of my head, I’ll use Emerald as an example. Emerald had a bit more development in the story that Ruby and Sapphire, but overall, it was basically the same story. Black/White 2 actually picks up from the storyline of Black/White two years after their endings. Content-wise, we got a shitload of new features. World Tournaments, PokeStar Studios, new Pokemon forms, updated breeding mechanics, and a slew of aesthetic overhauls. The games still bear a resemblance to its predecessors, but also have recognizable personal identities.

So, why would I be disappointed? Well, this might sound a little presumptuous on my part, but I was expecting something a little… different. This is the “expansion” of the 5th generation of Pokemon. I was hoping for a variation on the “Pokemethodology.,” like a twist in the usual badge collecting formula, a variation in the Elite 4, or hell, maybe even a new type (well, maybe not for 5th gen. 6th gen anyone?). I don’t have any good examples to offer, which is bad for my side of the conversation, but it would be nice to mix it up a little. Nintendo likes to play it safe and go for things that will guarantee sales, which is one of the things that I wish they’d work on. Adding to the PokeFormula could possibly bring new players into the series or bring back old players who burned out on the game play. Personally, I couldn’t force myself to keep playing after the Elite 4, and this is the only Pokemon game that I haven’t assembled a competitive team on. Black/White 2 didn’t draw me in like the other games did, and I’ve given up on 5th gen for now (unless a friend challenges me on Pokemon Online or something), so I’m just patiently waiting on 6th gen and hoping for something to really look forward to.


Above: Me and the other people who didn’t like Black/White 2.


I recently made the drive to my Gamestop and sold my copy of White 2. Along with some tip money from work, I managed to buy Tales of the Abyss 3DS, which, in retrospect, I see as the game that I should’ve bought in the first place. I never got to play Tales of the Abyss on the PS2 when it was released, so I’m glad it got a port, even though it’s kind of a weird port. PS2 to 3DS? Whatever. Least I got it for cheap since the guy working at Gamestop gave me a new copy for pre-owned price since it was mislabeled (Thanks Joshua. You’ll probably never read this, but you’ve made a poor college gamer happy).

While playing TotAbyss and Minecraft with my girlfriend, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the holiday Steam sales. I’m hoping to grab some games worth writing about, with these being titles I personally want:

  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  • To the Moon
  • Misamata
  • Torchlight II
  • Waking Mars
  • Primordia

Hopefully I can afford a handful of these, as holidays usually kill my wallet, even though I try not to spend alot anyways. Still looking for a return gift for Cheeks, but I’ve got my eyes peeled for what hee asked for. I’m working on it bro!

Anyways, thanks for reading my horribly misdirected ramblings. Next time, I’ll try to stay on topic! :3


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