Merry Late Christmas!

So, guys, Merry Late Christmas! I had planned on typing this on Christmas, but I spent some time with my family instead. Justified? Anyways.

I hope you’re all enjoyed yourselves and stayed safe and legal Christmas night. Nothing like the holidays to get together with family, make new memories, and play video games when everyone’s asleep! As most of us know, Steam has recently begun their holiday sales, and me, the typical college student, absolutely loves cheaper games. I’ve prepared myself for this sale, and this is what I’ve bought so far:

Ys Origin


Probably the best 5 bucks I’ve spent on a game ever.

I am not familiar to the Ys series, but I CAN say that this game is fun as FUCK. I managed to get on flash sale for 5 bucks, and holy balls it was worth it. The gameplay is simple but challenging, the music is rockin’, and it looks like it has a good bit on content in it to boot. I’m not particularly fond of indie developers who use pixel graphics (there’s a reason for this), but I don’t mind it in this game. I’m glad to have picked this little gem up.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare


Another game I’d add to the “Be Drunk While You Play With Friends” List


This game is fucking hilarious. Never in my life have I war cry’d so much over voice chat than with this game. Combat is stellar, whether you’re ranged or melee, and having limbs ripped off in either case is a riot. Combined with a very atmospheric soundtrack and some purdy graphics, this game was worth it at any price. I still waited for the 50% deal, and my prayers were answered. Woo. :u

Sonic Adventure DX


Raising Chao is worth being chased by an Orca

A classic game that I didn’t even know was on Steam. It was (and I think still is) on sale for 50% off, so I grabbed it along with Ys: Origin. I loved the Sonic Adventure games, and mainly raising Chao, so I just had to buy this one. While I already own the sequel, I might buy it just because. We’ll seeeeeeeeeeeee.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition


Punching Yourself in the Face: The Game

Finally got my hands on my own copy of Dark Souls. I’ve played Dark Souls before at a friend’s house and liked Demon’s Souls, so I picked up a copy while it was on sale on… Amazon? I’m not sure how long this promo is going to last, but I bought a Steam code from Amazon for a low low low low price of $15. At the moment, it’s $17, which is still cheaper than Steam, so head here if you want in on a cheaper Dark Souls. I’m thoroughly enjoying t his game, even though it pisses me off. I haven’t been able to play much, so I’m still in Undead Burg, but I plan on working on it.

Well, I’m off to practice some parrying on Dark Souls until someone logs on for some Chivalry Madness. What am I gonna write about next? Hell, I don’t know.

Not planning ahead! YEAH!


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