Nexon Vanishes From Dragon Nest Scene?

It’s been almost 2 weeks now, and Dragon Nest is still suffering from terrible server lag to the point of almost being unplayable. DN’s publisher, the infamous Nexon, is still working normally with their other games, such as DFO and Mabinogi, so only DN is getting the cold shoulder, as if they’re trying to completely abandon Dragon Nest overall.  Nexon has already missed their past 2 server maintenances, and with no official word from Nexon, many players are expecting the worse.

Personally, I’m curious as to why the company has not thought of having a GM give the player base a notice about why Dragon Nest isn’t receiving basic maintenance. From a economics perspective, Nexon isn’t properly hosting their Free to Play services, and while I’m no business major, I think it would cause some kind of conflict between them and both ShandaGames DN’s main hosting agency, and Eyedentity Games, Dragon Nest’s development team. Nexon has not had a very good track record in terms of basic game hosting procedures, and while I am a huge fan of two of their games (Mabinogi and Dragon Nest), the neglect shown to DN’s servers is arousing my suspicions. You can bet on me keeping a close eye on any further details, as Dragon Nest is my current MMO, and I’m hoping for this problem to blow over soon.


Of course, a couple of hours after I finish typing this, Nexon announces a server maintenance for noon today. It’s good to know that Nexon is alive at least, but knowing them, we probably won’t get an explanation of why the vanished. Oh well. Let’s see if this one goes through or not.


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