Update :u

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t posted lately. We’re shorthanded at my job, and I got dumped with a ton of work time. I’ve been working on an article, but it’s worded very awkwardly, so it’ll be a short while till I can put it out. Should be before the weekend for sure. Not everyone might like it because it’s an opinionated article, but oh no, an opinion on the internet. Cough.

Even though I’ve been busy, I’ve managed to play a small bit of Dark Souls in my free time, and it’s going well. I’ve suited up in my basic thief gear (because it looks nice, okay? :c ) with the lightning spear from Sen’s Fortress and I’m truckin’ on through Anor Londo just fine…

… till you know who gets in my way.


Ornstein and Smough. Pikachu and Snorlax. Keenan and Kel. Mario and Luigi. Migraines and Crushed Spirits. Whatever you call the troublesome pair, fuck ’em.

I’ve died on these two about 6 times already, and it’s a little disheartening. Ornstein is quite fond of his insta-charge, and to top it all off, Smough spams his wide charge attack. Of course, I could make  the fight much easier and take out Smough first so I can concentrate on the faster one, but, as the majority of Dark Souls players know, whichever of the duo you kill last is the armor set you can buy later. And ohmygod, Ornstein’s armor is simply, dare i say, shocking?


Looking pretty isn’t an excuse for bad jokes.

Other than that though, I’ve just been working and getting ready for next semester, and I kinda feel like I’m ripping you guys off, but you guys have no idea how much your support means to me. Watching my little views per hour tracker makes muh heart all wuzzy, and comments make me giggle. You guys rock :3


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