Gen 6, HO! Pokemon… X… and Y?


Generation 6. Still waiting on Pokemon Orange or Purple.

So Nintendo has released the trailer for generation 6 of the Pokemon series today, and they’ve really updated the look of the series under the names Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. While I think that straying away from naming the games after colors was extremely uncool, the first trailer looks promising.

Well, the thing that stands out most is the perspective, both in and out of battle. On the overworld, the camera angle has changed so that more of the character’s body is visible. I had a feeling this would happen eventually, but not in gen 6. Pokemon has been updating their look with each generation, and this might be the beginning to a new standard. Personally, I’m not fond of the new perspective so far, but maybe it’ll grow on me.


“What the hell? I have a body now?”

Speaking of viewpoints and opinions, the in battle perspective resembles the 3D Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Stadium or Battle Revolution, but in a slightly more refined form. It looks like they worked on using the 3D Pokemon Engine but streamlined it with smoother transitions. Hopefully the battles won’t be slowed down by the extra animations, as grinding would take a toll on your mind due to even longer battles, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the games’ release to really get a feel for this new take on an old formula.

No new features have been confirmed, as this is the first of gen 6 we have heard about. I’m interested in seeing how Game Freak will incorporate the 3DS’ 3D features. Hopefully it’ll be functional and not just cosmetic. Also, the number of new Pokemon and the new region have also not been announced. With such little details about content shown in the trailer, we can’t gather much from it. Now it’s a waiting game for more details.


Pokemon X and Y are announced for October later this year, so now’s the time to save it you want in! The 3DS library is getting some sweet games this year, and now you can add gen 6 of Pokemon to the list!


3 responses to “Gen 6, HO! Pokemon… X… and Y?

  1. Seems Nintendo is out of noteworthy colors to use. Otherwise, this is the second reason for me to get a 3DS.

    Also Battletoads.

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