DmC: Devil May Cry Released Today



The latest game in the Devil May Cry series, redundantly named DmC: Devil May Cry, has just been released in stores today. The game is a re-imagining of the original series, as Capcom was unsatisfied of the game’s Western viewpoints. Why Capcom would be interested in something like that in completely beyond me, but whatever. Capcom is like a “Bad Decision Making Machine” anyways. I mean, c’mon; DmC: Devil May Cry? Seeing that DmC is an abbreviation of the series, the full name would be Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry? Why not Devil Devil May May Cry Cry? Or Devil May Cry2?  I think it’s safe to say that choosing the title of this game was the equivalent of a collective aneurysm while the game devs went out for donuts.


Pictured: Another bad DLC related decision by Capcom.

Speaking of controversy, many fans are disgusted at the decision to reboot the series. A lot of fans want the crazy, white-haired classic Dante back instead of the new redesigned Dante and are showing their signs of dissatisfaction in any way possible, including the hilariously pathetic death threats from the beginning of 2012. Redesigning an old character can hurt, but come on guys. Get your shit together. Sure, I’d be pissed off if someone came along and redesigned the characters of Valkyria Chronicles or the monsters in Monster Hunter, but that’s just silly. At least they acknowledge the change in some way; whether this be charming or grating is up to the viewer:

Aside from the redesign, many reviewers have stated that the gameplay is very fun. I don’t personally like hack and slash games; they’re just not as enjoyable to me as something like an MMO or RPG. However, I can have fun with a hack n’ slash game every once in a while, and I don’t think badly of them (for the most part). Certain titles are very bland to me, but there ARE some exception, like DMC3 and Bayonetta. And don’t get me started on God of War/Dante’s Inferno.


God of War Gameplay

I’m not a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series (although DMC2 was very fun), so I won’t be picking this up personally, but I’d love to hear you guys’ inputs on the game from many different perspectives. Maybe I’ll go to a friend’s house and play it for myself, just to see if it feels like an old DMC game, but as a bystander in this DmC shitstorm, I can’t really give my input till I play it. But more importantly, I don’t know how to properly end this post.


Sorry, guys. I’m not clever today.


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