Rob Pardo Apologizes for Diablunder III’s Quality


You had so much potential.

Remember Diablo 3? Remember how fun it was for, like, two weeks? The Creative Director of the Diablo III team, Rob Pardo, has issued a public apology asking for the blame for Diablo III’s severe lack of quality be aimed in his direction. Pardo caught wind of a 106 paged bitchfest about how crappy they thought Diablo III was in the same thread that Jay Wilson (D3’s director) stated that he was stepping down. Pardo entered the forums to express his thoughts and defend his friend Wilson, which then launched another 90ish pages of reactions. Probably the biggest thread of anything I’v ever seen.

Personally, Diablo III was a huge knife in my side. I loved Diablo II to death, and when I saw the design choices they decided to settle upon (4 players max, no alliance systems, everything that made D2 fun), I couldn’t help but shed a tear. To me, D3 should’ve been D2 with some small overhauls and more content, and I wish it would’ve been better overall. I don’t think the series can recover after this, even though it made a whopping profit. Goodnight, sweet Diablo. You will be missed.


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