Good Day for The Wii U


This is becoming more and more tempting with every game announcement.

A friend had informed me that my links weren’t linking to their respective videos. Hopefully it’s fixed now.

So I’m helping a friend through Anor Londo and waiting to be resummoned, and I thought I’d mention what I stumbled upon this afternoon. Today on Youtube, Nintendo released new trailers for four new games for the Wii U:

LEGO City – Undercover

I’m not a huge LEGO game fan myself, but knowing how well LEGO Lord of the Rings and other LEGO games have done in the past, I’m sure someone reading  this is excited.

Bayonetta 2

If I had a Wii U, I would consider getting it considering how CUHRAAAAZY Bayonetta 1 was, but alas, I do not. I wonder how they’ll use the screen on the controller?

The Wonderful 101

This game exclusively almost makes me want to buy a Wii U (this and the next game). I don’t even know what kind of game to classify it as. It kind of reminds me of Pikmin and The Last Guy, but with a faster pace and Viewtiful Joe in the place of Olimar. It’s nice to see that you have two camera angles usable; one on the TV and one on the Wii U screen.

Fun fact: Viewtiful Joe is actually that main character’s voice actor. Taking in to consideration the character design and art style of the game, it kinda makes you wonder if this was planned…?

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

Wow. JRPG lovers: eat your heart out. In response to all of the crossovers occuring, Atlus has decided to merge its beloved Shin Megami Tensei series with the balls-awesome Fire Emblem. How their two unique gameplay systems will work together, or if they’re being used in an entirely different style is unknown, but we can only hope for a beautiful JRPG lovechild between these two sexy beasts.

Monolith Soft

Now THIS, looks fuckin’ sweet. Xenogears-esque MMO with mechs and huge fuckin’ I-don’t-even-knows puts this game into my “I wish I could play this” category. Since Xenoblade Chronicles sold very well last year, it’s nice to see that the Xenogears series to see that Nintendo is giving the series its much deserved attention. I’ve heard something about four players, so maybe it’s 4 players to a quest? While I don’t mind gameplay like that, I hope it’s open world instead… also, I hope the title gets explained. The first thing that comes to mind when I think Monolith Soft is, like, a tower of gelatin.. or puppies…

EDIT: I’ve learned that Monolith Soft is not the name of the series. I mistook the developing party as the name of the game. Whoops


Don’t worry; using this as a cop out isn’t going to be a habit.


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