Dragon Nest – Defying The Odds Update!


System improvements, HO!

Nexon has recently released Dragon Nest’s new content update: Defying The Odds. Similar to Dragon Nest SEA’s 450 update, Defying The Odds brings Hell Modes for the two level 50 nests (Archbishops and Titan Nest),  a new combo practice PvP mode, and a HUGE amount of bug fixes and system improvements. I can’t even list how many things have been streamlined after this update without giving you guys a huge block of “copy and paste”. While it IS kind of lame that the only new content are the Hellmode nests, a new skill for Swordsmen, and a PvP mode, I think it’ll hold us over to the next update without troubles (that is, if Nexon doesn’t jew out their updates). Instead of making this post look bigger than it is with the update notes copy/pasted into it, just click here for the list. If you’ve played Dragon Nest, you can really appreciate the flaws they’ve ironed out, especially with the Hidden Potentials preview and armor crafting powder uniformity  If you haven’t played, then that probably didn’t make much sense to you, meaning you should go play it. C’mooon, it’s freeeeeeee. And like my dad said, “Free is good.”

That’s when I usually said, “Not fungal infections. Fungal infections are never good.”


Like hell I’m uploading that picture.


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