Dead Space 3 To Have Eleven Packs of Day One DLC AND Microtransactions


As if EA Games hasn’t stirred up enough shenanigans in the video game industry lately, they’ve announced that Dead Space 3 is starting off its launch with eleven separate packs of DLC. Eleven?! Jesus, guys, show some restraint! Some games come with day 1 DLC, but not ELEVEN FREAKIN’ PACKS, and most of these packs are completely bullshit. From what they’ve said, the packs will range in prices of $4.99 to $9.99, and will offer things like new equipment and upgrades for scavenger bots. EA firmly makes a point that their DLC  equivalent to a Gameshark you pay for every time you use it will be separate from their god awful implementation of microtransactions for upgrades.

Do I really need to say anything about this? The abundance of DLC and microtransactions are not doing justice for EA’s reputation of screwing up everything they touch. It’s proving that EA Games is truly money hungry and doesn’t care about the consumers’ perception of them or their products. In a failed attempt to both increase sales and gather up the casual crowd with microtransactions, EA shot themselves in the foot and has endangered Dead Space 3’s sales potential. Many Dead Space fans feel that the series has suffered the fate of the Resident Evil franchise, focusing on action rather than survival, and I can relate to their concerns. With the Dead Space series becoming more action-based and the game devs making absolutely terrible decisions (like the universal ammo system. Ugh), it’s alienating the group of people who wanted this game to happen in the first place.


Hopefully this won’t screw up the experience. My kingdom for scary co-op that’s actually scary. Please don’t disappoint me.

While I know that this blog is replete with my opinions, I just hope that the average consumer can see what kind of bad business structure EA Games is trying to adhere to. Announcing such a large amount of DLC before the game’s release gives off a bad message, and utilizing too many extra services like these only encourages the shitty attitude of “Pay2Win-MakeUnfinishedGaemsAndSellTheRestAsUneededDLCInsteadOfActualDLC.” Buy a pack or two if you want; it’s not going to hurt super badly. Just don’t encourage this kind of business to the point of giving them the wrong idea. Support the game, but don’t support their greediness.

Another note: their rendition of “Calling in The Air Tonight” sounds off. The context is there, but I think they could’ve done more with it. Don’t get me wrong; I actually like it. Something IS off though. Maybe the lyrics are a little too quiet in comparison to the instrumentals?

And does anyone else the portrayal of Issac in this TV spot look like Rick Grimes from AMC’s The Walking Dead?


“Becoming tired of walkers and a few bad actors, Rick Grimes changed his name to Isaac and got a job as an engineer on the USG Ishimura.” – Excerpt from my completely valid Biography of Rick “Isaac” Grimes

EDIT: Shortly after posting this article, a viewer linked me to this little bit of news. Talk about getting what you deserve, huh?


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