Gamestop Expecting To Close ~500 Stores This Year


Is this a sign of bad things to come…?

Gamestop’s annual numbers have come in today, and it doesn’t look pretty. The company has been suffering from lack of sales, steep competition from digital and mobile gaming, and lack of returning customers. All of these factors combined are pressuring Gamestop into closing more stores than their previously stated 200. Although Gamestop is in no danger of completely going out of business, it’ll have to perform with the looming threat of many big name retailers who offer the same products.

Gamestop’s only real salvation at this point would be better customer service. I’ve walked into many Gamestops and instantly hated the staff for a handful of reasons. Many employees are either uneducated about basic video gaming information or just really goddamn rude. Don’t get me wrong though; there’s plenty of awesome employees too. Hell, I’m friends with the entire staff at my local Gamestop, and half of the time, I don’t even buy anything. Because of how my local G-Stop treats their customers, it’s the only Gamestop I go to these days. On the other hand, I’ve had several problems with the other two Gamestops in my area. not only were the employees rude, but even the management acted like I just fisted their kids or something. C’mon people, I’m just here to buy some whatevers; no need to be such a jerk about everything. Gamestop is seriously lacking in the “Not being a dick to the people giving you money” department, and their sales figures for last year prove the apparently unknown fact that people like to be treated politely.

I don’t have it out for Gamestop, but I would like for them to get their act together and train their staff in basic manners. Maybe they’re all upset about not having enough hours on the clock, as this is one of the most common complaints from ex-employees. Just give them however many hours they want and make them happy so they don’t redirect negativity towards customers. It’ll give them a good reason to fire the lazy one who sits in the back all day with his face glued to his phone (I can see the shit you pull, Aaron. Don’t you think I don’t see you bullshit your way through the job Jesus Christ you irritate me.)


Gamestop Customer Service.

Anyway, I’m running out of thoughts to write down, but I’d like to hear from you guys about what you think about this whole situation. Any decent Gamestop stories, or comments?


6 responses to “Gamestop Expecting To Close ~500 Stores This Year

    • You do have a point. Like you said, the merge left us with an excess of Gamestops, so they’re probably just getting rid of excess ones that are too close to others. I know of an area with 3 Gamestops within 5 minutes of one another, so they’re trying to make their store placement less redundant.

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