Capcom to Release Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS XL Case Alongside Original 3DS MH3U Case: Preorders Available Now


Brachydios Protective Services available for XL owners too

Due to a collaboration between the Capcom store and their very passionate community, fans of the Monster Hunter series across the globe can now preorder an aluminum, felt lined 3DS XL case similar to the first Monster Hunter themed case Capcom unveiled for the original 3DS. While the original model features the intimidating Brachydios and comes in a light/sky blue color, the 3DS XL version of the case comes in a rustic bronze color that’s actually quite similar to my PSP that I regutted. If I had a 3DS XL, I’d have matching handhelds. Nifty.


Poogie and Tetra approved

Capcom has clarified that international shipping IS available and the case will be compatible with the Circle Pad Pro if you remove the bottom shell. If you’re a Monster Hunter fan looking for a case, preorders are open for the original 3DS model and the new 3DS XL model, and both are expected to be shipped sometime in March-April.


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