Dead Space 3, SC: Thieves in Time, FotNS: Ken’s Rage 2 Released, TERA Goes Free to Play


A lot of long awaited games released today. Will they meet expectations or fall flat?

Today, the newest title in the Sly Cooper series, Thieves in Time, released along side of the infamous Dead Space 3 and Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2. If that wasn’t enough, TERA Online released their next patch, TERA: Uprising, which releases the game in to the free-to-play scene.

While fans of the Sly Cooper series are unanimously eager to get their hands on the game after a seven year wait, Dead Space fans are a mixed bunch. Opinions are varying in degrees, mainly from the radical changes introduced in the newest installment.

While I’m not too familiar with the Fist of the North Star series, I’ve heard wonders about the manga, and it’s been on my bucket list for a while. The game looks pretty Dynasty Warrior-esque, and looks pretty fuckin’ cool, but I think I’ll be putting my money elsewhere for now. Still, if I find it cheap, I might grab it. Maybe this release will motivate me to reading the manga?

In other news, many people, including myself, have been looking forward to playing TERA without a subscription fee. With the additional content Uprising brings to the table, I hope that TERA gets the shock of an increased player base that it needs to thrive as a “Subscription gone free-to-play” game. It’s impossible to see the results Uprising had on the first day, but hopefully in a month or so the game will be doing better than ever.

Here’s a list of what games are available on what platforms. Why a list? Well, because the paragraph I wrote sounded really weird, so making a list lets me avoid making a better worded paragraph and let you guys get straight to the point.

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time: Playstation 3, Playstation Vita

Dead Space 3: Playstation 3, X Box 360, PC

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2: Playstation 3, X Box 360, Wii U

TERA: Online: PC

Are you picking up any of these games today? Or are you skipping out on certain titles for reasons?


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