House of the Dead Memories


Probably not the best game for an eight year old, but whatever.

When I was young, my brother got me into playing video games. I instantly caught on to them, and, well, here I am today. My brother is  older than me by eight years, so I played games a younger kid probably shouldn’t have, and one of the main ones I can remember was the original House of the Dead.

“But Obe, how did you play it so much? A local arcade? That’s a lot of quarters!”

Well, here’s the answer: emulators. Of course, back then I didn’t know what an emulator was; I just thought it was a regular computer game. In retrospect, though, I can easily tell it was an emulator by the fact that it was an arcade game. In fact, we had a lot of emulators and stuff. The first time I played Super Metroid was on the ZSNES emulator, but hell, now I’m getting off track.


Hard to believe that I have this same emulator on my PC after ten years.

My brother and I would hunch over the shared monitor and he’d get the game started while I plugged in the extra mouse. He was very picky on which mouse he’d use. See, we used to have a trackball mouse that looked sort of like this:


The bane of mice everywhere

While I didn’t like it, and later learned to hate trackball mice in to oblivion, he swore on his knightly honor that the trackball is the best mouse. To this day, I suspect he has a trackball fetish of some sort, as he’s never liked me or my dad’s mice. Whatever floats his boat: I”ll stick to my SteelSeries Warcraft mouse.


Not a game I prefer, but the ergonomics are out of this world.

We played House of the Dead to the point of my brother almost being able to clear it on one life. Of course, I wasn’t too good at the game, so I’d have to use a continue or four to keep up. I could still hold my own, so I wasn’t a total deadweight. We had system for clearing the mansion: he’d clear the left side, and I’d clear the right. Big zombies and zombies about to attack had higher priority, my bro would get projectiles, and I’d get the small, swarming enemies, like those fucking maggot things.


They’re called Murrers. More like Murderers.

House of the Dead was a fun game to me back then, and while my tastes have changed, I still lo0k for it when I happen to be near an arcade. I’m not a big fan of the sequels, except HotD 2, as I feel that they make too many changes from the original, like with the machine guns and grenades in HotD 4. To me, House of the Dead is two guys running through a zombie infested location with pistols, shooting up the place like undead killing cowboys. Those days were almost ten years ago, but every once in a while, it’s nice to play it again and run through the mansion once again.


These low polygon undead have a special place in my heart. Charming, aren’t they?


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