Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Bundles Finally Hit Stores! I Got My Bundle Today!


My body is nowhere close to ready.

So the bundles have hit the stores today, and wow, I’m fucking excited! I haven’t bought a brand new system since the Gamecube, and unboxing it was heavenly. I’ve actually already unboxed this once, so I put it all back together for you guys. A few employees at Gamestop were excited to see it, so we opened it up right there on the counter to gawk at it. Now that I’m home and finished the photoshoot thanks to my girlfriend, artcrazy856, let’s get in to it.


Pop open the box and we’re greeted by the packet of system information, health and safety booklets, some AR cards, and a Club Nintendo activation code alongside a weighted cardboard mini package. Nothing really to say here, as every system has volume upon volume of manuals like this. Let’s take out what I actually care about.


Don’t know if I’ll ever use em, but at least I’ll have it handy.


No health information?! Livin’ on the razor’s edge.

So, now we’re shifting our attention to the cardboard thing. One thing I will say is that Nintendo did a good job with packaging the 3DS, as there’s no unneeded bullcrap flaps or tabs and shit.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy

No point in just looking at it. Lemme tear this nukkah open.



Wow. This thing looks majestic in person. Photos will no do it no justice, but it’ll help. Thanks to my girlfriend for taking the excellent pictures. It’s her birthday today, too, so wish her a happy birthday!



She’s good with a camera, no?

The Fire Emblem 3DS is an original “normal” sized 3DS reskinned with a Fire Emblem decal. It features two dragons relevant to the plot (so I won’t spoil) and the Falchion, the holy blade wielded by the main character, Chrom. Detail wise, the 3DS has all of the advantages and disadvantages for the original 3DSs, which means this 3DS is better suited for people with small hands. It comes with Fire Emblem: Awakening preinstalled on the onboard memory, along with a 4 gigabyte SD card, which something I didn’t expect. It was a nice surprise though! If you don’t mind the smaller size of the original models, or if you just HAVE to have the decals like me, this is a great buy. Keep in mind that the game is preinstalled, so no physical copy will come bundled with the 3DS, and these are in low supply, making them hard to get your hands on unless you preordered like I did. Fun fact: I was the only person who preordered the bundle at my Gamestop. Apparently I’m the only Fire Emblem fan this far out in the country. I don’t know how to feel about that.


Final verdict? A great buy for fans of the series who don’t mind a digital copy. If you find one, and don’t have a 3DS, this is a good deal.


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