Dragon Nest: Green Dragon Content Update and Contest!


Do you have what it takes?

Due to me getting surprised by extra working hours and a pop quiz, I haven’t written my Fire Emblem: Awakening review just yet. After getting home, i popped through my usual news sites and noticed this good news for all Dragon Nest players.

Nexon has announced their Clear Event for the newest nest: the Green Dragon Nest. For those unfamiliar with their Clear Events, here’s the gist of it: The first team to prove they clear the new and terrifying nest wins a grand prize. Nexon held a similar event for the Sea Dragon Nest, and it’s back for Green Dragon.

Here’s a screenshot of the prize list and guidelines.


These nests are usually extremely difficult when they are released, so I look forward to see who wins the event. I’m nowhere near optimized on my Crusader, so I’m already out of the race, but maybe you’ll be the team who takes home the loot?


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