Sony Reveals Playstation 4 Launch Details!


The long awaited details about Sony’s Playstation 4 have finally been revealed today in Sony’s Playstation Meeting. Due to the live stream being way too laggy, I had to forego watching it live and had to wait till someone posted details of the machine. Luckily for me, the folks over at officialplaystationmagazine have complied this small post of details about it, so head to that link right there or read the rest of my post!

The PS4 is confirmed for a 2013 Holiday release, with no word on that being a international release date or a release for a certain region. The specs of the systems are:

  • 8-core x86 CPU, on-die GPU
  • 8GB DDR5 System memory capbable of 167GB/s bandwidth
  • HDD Storage, not SSD

The PS4 debuts with the newest iteration of the DualShock controller. Structurally, it’s very faithful to the previous PlayStation controllers, but features a touch screen, built in PlayStation Move, and a jack for headsets. Personally, I’m glad the controller looks the same overall. I loved the PS2 controller, and I loved the PS3 controller. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, eh?


The Playstation 4 is confirmed for be released with eight separate launch titles:


Wait…. Diablo 3?

Why in the Nine would they port Diablo 3 of all things to the PS4? It wasn’t well received on the PC, so what makes them think the PS4 will change that? Apparently it comes with “3 player couch play.” Why three? Why not four? Diablo 3 already nuked the amount of players that could be in a single game (Diablo 2 had 8 player games. Diablo 3 shrunk it to 4), so why would they shrink it even more so your fourth friend has to sit out? I swear, Blizzard is definitely living up to their reputation of being completely batshit insane.

Wit the past rumor of the PS4 blocking out used games and having no backwards compatibility lurking around for quite some time, I’m curious to see if Sony will get their faces out of their colons and fix at least one of these issues. I think this article puts it nicely.

That’s pretty much it on the Playstation4 details. Make sure you follow my blog through email for more PS4 news and a ton of other crap I write! Thanks for reading!


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