New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer, Charge Axe Action! I Post Monster Hunter 3 Times In a Row :l


The Slash Axe’s new baby brother hits the MH4 scene in style.

Alright, guys. Lemme explain. I know I said I wouldn’t do another Monster Hunter related post, but this is kind of big. Forgive my sins.

A few days ago, Nintendo released this  sweet new trailer for Japan’s upcoming Monster Hunter 4, which gives us a look at some new features, including the second of  the two weapon types to debut in this installment, the Charge Axe. I’ll let you guys watch the video, then break it down for you.


Looks like we have a new leviathan-esque monster entering the show. It seems to prefer tropical climates and has the ability to trap the hunter by coiling around it.


The Yian Kut-Ku, Gendrome, Gypceros, Congalala, and Khezu are confirmed to be returning after their absence in the 3rd generation games. Each one has new ways to interact with MH4’s new terrains, such as the Gypceros running along the walls and fighting the Khezu while hanging from vines.


The new leviathan is shown more in detail. It appears to be able to shoot spines and have above average agility.


The first time we get to see the new Charge Axe in action. While normally a large sword and shield, it can fuse the shield to the blade and turn it into a large axe, much like the Slash Axe. It uses a phial system, much like its cousin, the slash Axe, to to pull off high damage phial bursts and explosions. While it may seem to be unoriginal, fusing the sword ans shield and Slash Axe together, keep in mind that the Longsword, Dual Swords, Gunlance, and Hunting Horn are all  based off of a “parental” weapon class that preceded it. in example, the Great Sword has been around since the first Monster Hunter, and Monster Hunter 2 introduced the Longsword, a faster, more fragile offspring of the Great Sword class. With the Slash Axe entering its second generation of use, it was only natural that an offspring weapon type would appear, and the Charge Axe lives up to the title of being a badass new weapon.

Does this remind anyone else of the hero class from the portable Fire Emblems? They store their weapons inside their shield much like this, and their two weapon proficiencies are swords and axes. Kind of hard to not draw a similarity, isn’t it? Maybe I’l name my hunter Hero..?


The previously unveiled Insect Control Rod is shown in slightly more depth. While showing nothing new, it’s still nice to see it in action. Gotta love that kickass jumping attack.


A new insectoid like creature is shown here in a group. Maybe they’re hostile?


Now this is where it gets weird. Here, a Tigrex is shown to be breathing its final breaths of life, but due to a mysterious black mist, it rises once again, angrier than ever. more of this enigmatic revival is revealed late in the trailer.


A hunter is shown jumping onto the back of a Rathian and attacking her from on top. This can be done with other monsters, but, as expected, the bigger the wyvern, the cooler you look.


A new black wyvern is shown combating a hunter. Apparently, this beast is responsible for reviving slain monsters. how this will affect gameplay is unsure, but exciting to think about. just imagine a zombie Rathalos. Ooooooooooh yeah


At the very end, a huge leviathan typed monster is seen creeping around a group of hunters. Potentially the final boss?

And that’s it for the breakdown. I’m anxious to see how the Charge Axe works in detail and how that badass black wyvern’s revival mist thing will affect gameplay. guess we’ll have to wait till summer for the damn game to even be released.

I swear, no Monster Hunter next time. Shit just keeps popping up, and it’s making me look bad.


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