Playsation 4 Menus Sneak Peak, Sony Sells Building for $1.2 Billion?!

Sony Building Tokyo8

Here’s a Sony-filled post for you today. IGN recently posted screenshots of some pictures of the Playstation 4’s new menus and interfaces.


The interfaces looks like they’re taking inspiration from social media and even tablet operating systems. Now, if it’ll work to their advantage is anyone’s guess right now.

In other news, Sony sold one of their main corporate buildings for a whopping $1.2 billion to a Japanese investor, Nippon Building Fund Inc. Sony will get to stay in the building for five years and gain over $445 million in flexible income.

Honestly, I didn’t even know buildings could sell for that much. Sony just got a huge sum of money for just one building, with another hundred million along the side. Them selling their building could be a bad sign, as it’s common knowledge that the PS Vita didn’t sell as well as they planned; however, with the PS4 on the way, I feel that Sony is in an awkward middle spot financially. Will the building deal give Sony the surge of energy they need to perfect the PS4? Only time will tell.


Hopefully they won’t get rid of the nice lighting though.


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