Metroid ROM Hack: Metroid Plus


A classic title gets a charming update thanks to Snarfblam, Metroid hack extraordinaire.

Snarfblam, the creator of the widely-known Editroid program used for making custom NES Metroid terrain, released a new patch for the classic title known as “Metroid Plus” on the Metroid Database. It adds new features in newer Metroid games back into the original, like a map on the start screen, a status screen at the load menu, and even a long awaited saving system, plus a few other bonuses!

If you like fiddling with rom hacks, then this is a great patch to try out. You can download it here or head  to the MetroidDatabase post about it and download it there. Note that you’ll need a patching program like LunarIPS to apply the patch onto your rom.



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