Tomb Raider Hits Stores Today, I Get Sidetracked


Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s newest game in the Tomb Raider series hit shelves today for PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. The designers have described the focus of the game to be a reboot of Lara Croft’s character and backstory while breathing life in to the dormant series.

While I’m all for redesigning outdated characters, I hope that problematic feminists and uptight activists don’t cause too much of a stir up over anything the game might contain, unless it’s actually a big issue. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m alright with activists doing their activist activities, but I don’t like when feminists/other groups try to crash in to the video game industry and throw the entire place into chaos. As far as I can tell, I’ve never seen anyone outright make a game that was supposed to demean a certain group, not including the cult classic: Sex-Slave Trafficking Turbo Muslim of Genocide 3: Exploding Cancer Patients Edition. Sometimes things like outfits and character behavior can offend, but it’s not like someone sat at their computer and said, “Yknow what? This character needs to offend at least four demographics.” Right?


That developer gets extra money if someone tries to sue them. What a weird company.

I’m a fan of female leads. It’s a nice change of pace from male or some other species/object/whatever protagonists, but it seems like they always mess up a little somewhere along the line. You all know of my huge Metroid hardon, and everyone knows how Metroid:Other M dropped the ball in terms of Samus’ development. Fortunately, the gameplay was one of the redeeming factors for me, so I can’t say it was completely terrible. But the point is that I hope the development of Lara is done well and not, well, Other M-like. Women aren’t as alien as people think; they’re people, too. Why do people think it’s harder to make a female lead then a male? Just reasonably write their character to be a normal person who’s not completely batshit and you’ll be fine


Let’s just hope Square Enix didn’t ask Team Ninja for advice.

Anyways, that’s just my two cents on whatever controversy might follow, plus a little practice in HTML on my offensive game example up there. Practice makes perfect.

Back to the series, now. I never played a lot of Tomb Raider, both when it came out and when it was popular, but I did enjoy the first one very much. I didn’t have a Playstation 1, so I played at friend’s houses and stuff, so obviously this series isn’t something I know very well, but maybe if I can get it for cheap sometime, I’ll pick it up. Hopefully, my wallet will even survive this year, with a lot of games I have my eye on being released. I’ve also been thinking of saving up for a Wii U, or maybe trying to fish for one for my upcoming birthday. Anyways, I’ll stop this before this gets too sidetracked. Again.

Anyone planning on picking this up? Or maybe you went to the midnight release? Tell me about it in the comments!


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