Borderlands 2 – New DLC Character Teased, “Mayhem Approaches”


I hope he looks like Bane, in all of his luchadore-ness.

I’ll admit, I haven’t played Borderlands 2 in quite a while, but I did boot it up for a bit when I heard this little tidbit of news.

A day or two ago, the Borderlands team released a teaser trailer for a new vault hunter being released for Borderlands 2. So far, we only see the silhouette of a large figure beating the everlasting fuck out of everything he sees with little additional details. Gearbox plans to reveal more of the new character at this year’s PAX East convention, which is a week from now on March 22nd-24th. I’m curious to see if this character will end up being a Brick-like clone or something actually worth picking up. To be honest, I’ll most likely be too busy watching this year’s Dungeons and Dragon’s game. Good ol’ Acquisitions Incorporated.

Anyways, we’ll have to wait a week for more details on the mysterious brawler. Here’s to him being likable in any way.


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