Two New Header Images For The Site!

So I had a little spare time and thought I’d make some new headers for the site, so I made two: one for Monster Hunter, and one for Dark Souls. I have all of my headers on a randomized pattern, so you should see three new headers (counting the Fire Emblem one I’ve been using) in total.


A Deviljho flinging hunters off of the back of Jhen Moran. I just couldn’t pass this image up when I saw it. Though I had to crop out the caption, it’s still a great picture.


The Chosen Undead arriving in Lordran. This is a very cool wallpaper I found a while back and I knew it’d look awesome as a header image. Ten minutes in GIMP later, a perfect header.

For some reason, I also have an old header of two hunters hiding from a Tigrex, and I have no clue as to how to get rid of it, so you’ll see if pop it’s little head up from time to time.

For curiosity’s sake, here’s the original uncropped pictures that I made headers out of.

1362771481455 1360527760271

I hoe you enjoy the new banners/headers as much as I do! Now, time to find out how to get rid of that problematic Tigrex header. Damn thing doesn’t even have the right dimensions for the new layout D<


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