Aliens and wyverns and zombies, oh my!

Well, today’s the day. Four new releases worth talking about:

  • Gears of War: Judgement
  • Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Well, you can obviously tell which one I’M excited about, but I’ll humor the other titles.

Gears of War: Judgement


Grey with Dashes of Orange and Blue: The Game

The latest addition to the color deprived series of Gears of War, GoW: Judgement, released at midnight today. I’ve played through the series, and I’m just not crazy about it. It’s one of those games that was only fun to me if a friend was playing with me: very boring otherwise. As expected, I’m not picking this one up, but hell, if you’re a fan of the Gears series, then go for it.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct


The latest cash-in to the Walking Dead series features Daryl from AMC’s live action series (and one of my favorite characters) in a first-person “survival” game. I use quotations around survival because the last Walking Dead game was more of a scripted novel than an actual survival game. Anyways, it’s a prequel to the TV’s Walking Dead, so you get to see a little of Daryl’s first moments in the zombie infested countryside. Sadly, I’m not buying this, but I’ll watch a Let’s Play or something so i don’t miss out.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


I waited over a year to get my hands on this game, and release day has finally come. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (or MH3U) is an expansion of Monster hunter Tri on the Wii that combines all of the elements of the 3rd generation games (MHTri and the Japan-exclusive MHPortable 3rd) into one huge game along with original content. MH3U releases on two systems: the Wii U and the 3DS. The Wii U features online play while the 3DS is stuck with local play with either other 3DS or a Wii U. Sadly, I’m gathering dust in my bank account, so I’ll be playing on my 3DS and not a brand new Wii U. But fortunately, I won’t be alone, as I’ve convinced three other friends to buy it, so I’m not hunting alone this time!

Driving to Gamestop with my three hunting buddies went something along these lines:


We got there and picked up our two preorders, and two of my friends got the last two copies in the store, effectively cleaning out a Gamestop of its supply. As you can imagine, we drove back like this out of pure joy:


We sat down and immediately hopped online for shenanigans. We tried a Quropeco, but we somehow disconnected half way in. Then, we tried again with a Royal Ludroth, where he killed two people in one hip check. Depressed and needing to go to class, I went home while my friends sat in class like losers, and here I am now, typing and playing at the same time.

Obviously, I’m excited as all hell, and I’m glad I have friends to play with. As for now, I’m gonna keep farming Jaggi stuff so I’m well equipped for our next hunting session. Thanks for reading!


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