Mabinogi x Hatsune Miku?


Ponytails all over the place. Hnnnnnnnnng

Well, I’m not really a Miku fan, but this is pretty odd if you ask me. Nexon announced a Hatsune Miku event for Mabinogi.

Miku? In Mabinogi? Kind of random if you ask me, but whatever. According to the event page, which also features Miku singing to the Mabinogi theme (kinda catchy. Listening to it as I type), Mabi is getting these in celebration for this crossover:

Character Cards in the theme of Miku, Kaito, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len


It feels like I should know these characters before I type about em. OH WELL

A Miku themed roulette bingo game, with special enchant scrolls and clothing


Reminds me of dice gambling in Dunbarton’s back alleys with guildies ;n;

Free VIP service for all players from March 28th to April 23rd


Goodies errywhere mang.

While I question the reasoning for the crossover, I welcome the change of pace in events. Maybe I’ll patch up Mabi and check these out for myself?

Listening to the event page while typing is making me all nostalgic about Mabi again :c


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