MH3U – A High Rank Story


Experienced hunters know where this is going.

So on the release of Monster Hunter 3 U, three friends an I picked up our copies at a local Gamestop. There’s me, who’s been hunting the longest, my friend, who’ll I’ll address as Phones for the sake of whatever, who serve as the more experienced hunters. Then there’s Rubix, who played a bit in MHFUnite, and CyclopticBovine, who’s totally new to the series. All together, we play pretty regularly at school and sometimes on the weekend, depending on work/school/whatever.

Today I got a text from Rubix while eating a pretty shitty breakfast consisting of brownies and pizza. I’ll just let you read it.


Due to a certain environmental condition, another Deviljho showed up and Rubix mistook it as the target. After spending forever soloing a very formidable opponent, the quest didn’t count the kill. Rubix was really confused, so he used his sidekick’s tracking ability to find the boss, which was stomping around on the other side of the map, happy with his accidental decoy.

At first I thought it was an April Fools thing, but we’re not really into April Fools pranking. He’s so buttmad at this moment that he had to take a break and cool off. Looks like he made a new friend today.


A picture of Jho reading this, satisfied with his work.

For those who don’t know, Deviljho is a high rank and G rank monster in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate infamous for its tendency to show up randomly in high ranking quests to terrorize players targeting other boss monsters. He can also be called in by a false cry from another boss monster called a Quropeco.


Incoming face pounding.

He’s not easily swatted aside though, as Deviljhos are extremely tough to kill. With a dragon breath attack, the ability to pin hunters and attack them mercilessly, and overwhelming offensive power, not many things can stop a Jho from finding his next meal. Adding the fact that Deviljho are nomadic in nature, no region is off limits to a Jho’s griefing potential.


Legitimate screenshot, I swear.

Anyways, I thought it’d be a nice little story to share with you all. For the curious, I’ve been juggling hunting, work, and school for a while now. Since I’m on Spring Break this week, I’ve bought myself a ticket to relax for a little while before thie mayhem picks up again.

I’ve got another little something I want to write about today, but it’ll be in a while, so I hope you liked my small blurb.


He’s kinda cute, right?


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