Mega Man X FPS Confirmed for Existing At Some Point


“Hey, y’know what would be interesting? A Mega Man FPS. I doubt anyone would even try to develop one though.”

Well, someone did. According to the article at, the company known as Armature Studios, founded by legendary designers responsible for Metroid Prime, began working on a first person shooter based in the Megan Man X Universe back in 2010 under the code name “Maverick Hunter.”. The game was supposed to be first person with the familiar platforming gameplay themes of the series thrown in to a blender of massive potential. Hell, even the series director himself, Keiji Inafune, gave his approval to the game. What could’ve gone wrong?


Sadly, the project was scrapped after Inafune  departed from Capcom. From there on, Armature Studios has been nothing but bad luck, only releasing the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the PlayStation Vita. they also had a prototype testing arrangement with EA Games  but the deal fell through not even two months later. Such talent such as the Metroid Prime team is regrettably kept down due to financial problems and overall being cursed by black magic.

Luckily, early gameplay videos have been released showcasing how X’s armor looks, exploration, stealing enemy abilities and weapons, and even a nifty falling action sequence.

You can find more videos by scrolling through the article. I’d embed them here for your convenience but they use this crap that I need some special installation to get them to work properly. I’ll work on it.

It’s sad that series hasn’t been up on its feet like it used to be, with Capcom backseating it and playing it safe with Virtual Console releases. This is the group of people that made Metroid Prime, the game that literally blew everyone’s expectations out of the water and in to the stratosphere despite the entire world being against them. Just imagine how well this game could have done if it was finished.


Why does Capcom like to kill dreams?


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