Sorry For Slow Updates, So Here’s A Survey!


Sorry I’ve only been updating about once a week. I’ve been rushing to get things done since the semester is wrapping up. Plus with other personal things I have to do and my birthday coming up tomorrow, I’m kind of fucked on time.

I’ve been wondering what kind of things I could write for you guys, and I had a nice idea for you guys:

A section of my blog dedicated to select songs and tracks from a variety of video games.

It would have an embedded video with the song, with some basic info and my thoughts under it, or over it. There’s been a lot of times where I’ve wanted to talk about a certain song from a game, but I’ve never really found an appropriate way to do it, so this addition should allow me to show off some good music and entertain you guys. What do you guys think?


Share your thoughts! Or not. I can't tell you what to do:

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