Monster Hunter Online Announcement Trailer


Monster Hunter Frontier’s Chinese free-to-play equivalent. So many mixed reactions right now

Another Monster Hunter MMO has been announced yesterday under the name of Monster Hunter Online.

Little details are known about this new title. All we know is that the game utilizes the CryEngine3, will be free-to-play, and is in production by the Chinese game company Tencent. Although the game bears the official Capcom license, Tencent has a bad reputation for a slew of shitty Free to Play titles, which could mean bad things in store for the game.

Since it’s being developed by the Chinese, it’s unknown whether or not they have intentions on releasing in other countries. Having another Monster Hunter MMO in Japan wouldn’t really make a lot of sense, seeing as they already have Monster Hunter Frontier. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait for more details to be released. I just hope it isn’t bad. Monster Hunter hasn’t had a bad game yet, so I hope this isn’t it.


**UPDATE** It’s an international release!


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