EA Games Closes Two Studios, Hundreds Lose Jobs


Hundreds of people lost their jobs? Oh jeeze, how horrible!

Well, you’re right. I feel bad for the individuals who now have no source of income, but for EA? Nothing but laughter. EA Games is a terrible company that shoveled out more shitty games than good ones, so naturally, I can’t be asked to do damage control for them.

According to Polygon.com, EA Games closed down the studios PopCap Vancouver and Quicklime Studio, leaving hundreds of EA employees jobless. Pulling this after their layoffs earlier this year is making EA Games look like they’re struggling to stay in business.

I hope that’s true. That’s what you people get for ruining SimCity and Dead Space, and releasing a billion sports games no one cares about. The only thing they can do to save their asses now is give us a Timesplitters 4 that wouldn’t suck eggs.

Or, y’know, not have terrible business skills. That’s probably a better start.


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