Obe’s Jukebox #2 – Metroid Prime – Tallon Overworld Theme


You done good, Yamamoto. You done good.

I’ll be honest; I can’t say anything new about Metroid Prime. This game has had a legendary impact on gaming. Doomed from the beginning, Retro Studios rocked the world when they released Prime and revived the Metroid series.

Music legend Kenji Yamamoto (with Kyochi Kyuma) is known for his early compositions for games like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! and Super Metroid. When Prime hit the scene, Yamamoto was kept for his exceptional talent and later went on to write the music for Metroid Fusion, Prime 2: Echoes, Zero Mission, Pinball, Hunters, and Prime 3: Corruption.

Track Name: Tallon Overworld

Game: Metroid Prime (2002)

System: Nintendo GameCube

Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

The Tallon Overworld theme perfectly sets up Prime to do what it’s known for: offer an adventure of legendary calibers. When I heard that my cousin, Cheeks, got a Gamecube, I went upstairs to see it, and the first Gamecube game I ever saw in person was Metroid Prime. I looked at the Gamecube’s cutting edge graphics and this strange game and thought to myself, “Oh Jesus Christ I need a Gamecube right the fuck now.”

My first time landing on Tallon IV was one of the first time I experienced a magical atmosphere in a video game. Sure, I dicked around in Super Mario 64 a lot, and had my share of fun in Donkey Kong Country, but Metroid Prime was the first game I was so fascinated with just the starting area. The rain, the fauna, the terrain, and the music made a planet that millions of people, including myself, love to death.

Oh, on a side note, my girlfriend got me an Orpheon T-Shirt like this one here for Christmas. S’pretty cool.


I’m a part of the Species and Mutagen Transport Team now. Too bad I get killed…


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