Good Night, Sweet Monster Hunter Tri Servers


Like the new store owner you met over spring break, Tri is finally moving away to retire early because his apprentice is taking over the store. You will be missed.

Well, I’ve been loathing writing this article for quite some time. After faithful service since 2009, the Monster Hunter Tri servers are being shut down today. This has been known since the U.S. release date for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was announced back in January.

I can remember the immense hype for a new generation of Monster Hunter. All of the new landscapes, the monsters, the underwater exploration; it was all such a refreshing dose of Monster Hunter for me. And yet, it felt so familiar to me. It reminded me of Monster Hunter back in the PS2, with it being online and all, and it was a nice feeling of nostalgia coming form a new game.


Plus we were hyped as fuck for the new mobs and Switch Axe.

My friend, Phones, and I sunk countless hours into this game; in fact, while typing this I checked on my play time for Tri. 350 hours clocked, with none of that being idle time. Surprisingly  that’s not the most time I’ve sunk in to a MH game, but it’s still a huge chunk of time. For 350+ hours, Phones and I explored the new biomes for ores, traded Cool Drinks while dodging Uragaan, farmed for the rarest of rare drops, and ran for our lives from angry Diablos. We had other friends join us too. Quinn, Akama35, and Kinshophu were our regular band of hunters, with the occasional random player making a name for himself. I know you won’t read this, but if you’re here Kyle, we miss you, and we forgive you for running off to mine at weird times.

It’s bittersweet that Tri is going offline. It was a great experience, and it didn’t overstay its welcome. it did what it came to do and left soon after its successor title came along. For now, we have Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to continue out 3rd gen shenanigans, and maybe if we’re lucky, a western release of Monster Hunter 4 in the future. Tri left us with a lot of good memories, and even some where you disconnect right after the last Barioth in a dual Barioth missions dies and you get so angry you throw the phone across the room because you needed that Amber Tusk you’ve been farming for all day leaving you to do something productive in an attempt to stay as far as possible from your Wii lest you break it in to a million pieces and snort the remains while dancing to hard techno.

At least we’ll have offline and Arena modes. Good night, sweet prince. Your box will always be on my display shelf, and your Classic Controller Pro will continue its service till the day it dies.


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