Obe’s Jukebox # 3 – Star Fox Command – Wolf O’ Donnel, Leader of Star Wolf


One of the few reasons the Star Fox universe isn’t totally ruined these days.

Now, let me lay down one thing; I did not like Star Fox: Command at all. The gameplay was awkward and clunky, and the ending(s) didn’t satisfy me at all. However, if one good thing came out of this game, I’d say it’s Wolf O’ Donnel, Leader of Star Wolf. While renamed from its usual name of the Star Wolf Theme, this was the only version of the theme that I thought didn’t have a glaring problem like the other versions of this song.

Track Name: Wolf O’ Donnel, Leader of Star Wolf

Game: Star Fox: Command (2006)

System: Nintendo DS

Composer: Hajime Wakai

Hajime Wakai, who worked on critically accalimed games like Yoshi’s Story, Star Fox 64, Pokemon Stadium1/2, Pikmin1/2, LoZ: Wind Waker, and F-Zero X, worked the Star Wolf Theme into what I think is much more organic and natural version of the song. The addition to the steady drum and what sounds like a type of woodwind make the song sound like a wolf pack would naturally do; chase you down and tear your throat out, like nature intended. While I had to choose between this theme and the Star Fox: Assault rendition, I chose this version for one reason: The Assault version is too slow paced compared to the other ones. While one guy on Youtube sped up the Asasult theme slightly, it still falls a bit short, so the Command theme wins this round.

Wolf and his crew were always the kind of savage mercenary gang that were still somewhat relatable to me, unlike your stereotypical cutthroat-for-hire. While their loyalty will always be to the highest bidder, they still show a sense of unity and even a hint of morality, especially at the end of Assault. They see Fox and his crew is rivals, but when faced with a greater danger, they still managed to work with Fox in the final missions. This is one of the reasons why I get a little upset when people call Wolf a villain. Yeah, he’s not exactly lawful good, but he’s not chaotic evil either. He works for money and fights for what he believes, and the Star Wolf Theme reflects the masterful piloting skill and the strength him and his crew have to take down anyone who gets in their way.

Wolf O’ Donnel. Fuck yeah. Falco wishes he could be cooler than Wolf.


You can’t play that insult off, Falco.


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