Retro Studios To Reveal New Game?


So Retro Studios released Donkey Kong Country Returns back in 2010, and have been pretty out of sight since then. Well, what the hell? Where’d you go, Retro?

Well according to GameInformer, Nintendo and Retro hope to, “introduce it in the not too distant future.” Since Nintendo will not have a major press conference at this year’s E3, it’s speculation when Retro will unveil their newest project.

Considering Retro’s amazing talent of taking good games and raising them from the dead, such as the Metroid series and Donkey Kong, I’m anxious to see what they’ve been secretly working on for all this time. I’m also curious to find out if they’re making a new game from an old series or branching out in to their own original works. Either one is fine by me, as seeing Retro Studios still standing is great news, but I DO have something I’d prefer…


Nintendo, I beg of you. It’s been almost ten years. Please let Retro work their magic on F-Zero. Please. Please please please.


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