Holy Shit, I Hate Flies



So a couple of days ago, our AC crapped out for a little while. Having no air conditioning in the middle of a summer in Louisiana is the definition of hell, so I was forced to open my window for a while. Somehow, a tiny little fly managed to get through or around the screen in my window and has been harmlessly flying around my room. I’m not the type of person to kill small insects, so I ignored, to my future dismay.

Eventually, the little bastard started to fly into my face, ears, and generally made my life hell. I sadly accepted that this fly over stood his welcome, so, after setting a trap consisting of a banana I was eating, I smashed the mother fucker six ways to Sunday, only losing my banana and my dignity in the process.


I should’ve tried this instead.

I thought I was safe. I thought the hell was over.

Until another goddamn fly started hanging out on my screen, in the spirit of his nightmarish  predecessor. With a partner-in-crime.

So here I am, sitting miserably as I wait for these motherfuckers to show their shit eating grins around here again. I now know what true suffering is.


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