Dragon Nest: Kali Class Released


Today, Nexon released the long awaited Kali class for Dragon Nest, and with it, two leveling events to go alongside her debut. Seems like Dragon Nest US and SEA are making efforts to catch up to Dragon Nest KR, as this content patch was released months before the speculated release time.

(Video not so gracefully stolen from the Dragon Nest SEA website)

The Kali class specializes in mid-range attacks and, in some specializations, summoning spirits to assist in battle.  She’s able to utilize fans and chakrams as her weapons, and branch into two very different subclasses. Screamers harness dark arts to summon demons, inflict status ailments,  and attack with demonic claws at long range in exchange for smaller area of effect, while Dancers sacrifice the added range and dark art prowess of Screamers for powerful physical attacks with huge area of effect and summons that buff and debuff.

Personally, I love my Crusader too much to switch full time in to another class, but I suspect that I’ll end up making at least one Kali for the Dancer specialization. I love big, AoE attacks like Mercenaries, so Dancer seems like my kind of class. Maybe her play style will make me good at PvP ;n;


2 responses to “Dragon Nest: Kali Class Released

    • One of the better instanced MMOs in my opinion. Fun as hell combat and challenging dungeons called nests. And I’m pretty bad at PvP on Dragon Nest, but take my word that even if PvE bores you, PvP is always a blast. And best of all, it’s free, so there’s no downside to trying it out!

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