Metal Gear Series: Where to Begin?


How to Snake?

So some of you may know that I’m not very well educated in the Metal Gear series. In fact, I know so little I can type it all out in a single paragraph for you.

Solid Snake, Naked Snake, which Snake is which snake, Big Boss, David Hayter, Revolver Juggling, OUCH SHIT MY GODDAMN EAR WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS YOU PRICK,  Ocelot, Otacon’s japanese anime, Grey Fox, Foxhound, Raiden nudeflipping, Cyborg Raiden with Robo Old-Yeller, Hideo Kojima, that ass shot was actually important, old man fist fight, eating snakes like a badass, WHAT WAS THAT NOISE, and ROOOOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS



I know absolutely nothing about Metal Gear, and that’s something that’s always bothered me. I’ve tried to start Metal Gear on a billion occasions, but factoring the sheer amount of games in the series, I always ran into the same problem…

Where the hell do I start? As in, if I want to know the basic storyline and any other need-to-know things, how do I approach Metal Gear? Is it as simple as “start at MGS1 and work your way to MGS4?” or what?

For Metal Gear fans out there, and I know one of you who can really help me out here, I have a simple request. Tell me how to Metal Gear properly! I want to be able to make Hideo Kojima and Snake jokes too :c


Also, which Snake was in SSBBrawl?


2 responses to “Metal Gear Series: Where to Begin?

  1. Start with Metal Gear Solid for PSX or Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for GameCube (Solid Snake). Go on to Metal Gear Solid 2, but have a pen and paper ready for note taking (Solid Snake and Raiden). Then, go on and enjoy Metal Gear Solid 3, the first prequel game to the franchise (Naked Snake). After that you are free to continue on to Metal Gear Solid 4 (Solid Snake) or Peace Walker (Naked Snake).

    There also exists Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, but you are likely better off watching a Let’s Play of those games, as I don’t find the gameplay in either to hold up too well (Solid Snake). I also recommend ignoring Portable Ops as surprisingly little happens in that game (Naked Snake).

    • MGS/MGS Twin Snakes, MGS2, MGS3, then MGS4/Peace Walker. Cool.

      Also, what are the differences between MGS/Twin Snakes and MGS4/Peace Walker? Different character focus or something?

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