Obe’s Jukebox # 4 – Mabinogi – Sliab Cuiliin


People usually say that MMOs don’t really cut it in the music department, but to be honest, every MMO I’ve played had its share of solid tracks. That might just be my opinion, but hell, isn’t this whole blog my opinion anyways? Popular opinion or not, one of my favorite MMO soundtracks is from Mabinogi, and today I”m writing about one of my more preferred tracks for a region I admittedly don’t visit often.

Track Name: Sliab Cuiliin

Game: Mabinogi

System: PC

Composer: Not perfectly sure, but devCat is the developing studio

Sliab Cuiliin (I pronouce it SLEE-ahb CWUI-lin) is a valley that connects Dugald Aisle, popular for its woodworking facility, and Taillteann, the center of alchemy. To be honest, the only reason I come through here these days is for commerce routes, but when I do come through here, I always tap my foot and bob my head to this track. Something about the progression from piano to violin and bass guitar just works really well in this song and makes me love coming through here. While not my absolute favorite track, it’s certainly high ranking. Maybe I’ll get to those other songs one day, but for now, I’ve got some commerce routes to run and an awesome track to listen to!


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